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Hi and welcome to the ‘Cockpit Club’ where we offer airline industry staff amazing deals to use with your free flights. We are specialist in the UAE and cruise industry and have been proud to have sold thousands of fantastic vacations and some of the lowest rates on the planet.

It really is a great place but in five years it will be the place to go as all the major hotel chains are coming, but don’t expect a high-rise metropolis like Dubai, this will never happen. In Ras Al Khaimah they have held on to their past and cultures but still offer all you will want for the perfect vacation all-year-round. If you are travelling in the holy month of Ramadam (August 2010) you will not find the many restrictions on dining and drinking as you do in the other emirates and although the locals will respect the restrictions, it will not effect you at your hotel or resort.

Our number one destination is the northern emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, just 1 hour from DXB and un-spoilt, stunning beaches, far less expensive than Dubai and very ‘Westernised,’ in fact all of our team have stayed there and always want to return and due to my connections with the Royal Family and Government, we are pretty certain that you will not get a better deal anywhere.

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